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Title: MZnPO4:RE(M=Li,Na,K;RE=Eu3+,La3+,Ce3+)的高温固相合成及其发光性质
Authors: 广西民族大学化学化工学院化学与生物转化过程新技术重点实验室
Keywords: 发光材料
Issue Date: 2014-01-30
Publisher: 稀有金属
Citation: 稀有金属,2014,06:1049-1054
Abstract: 采用高温固相反应合成MZn PO4:RE(M=Li,Na,K;RE=Eu3+,La3+,Ce3+),用X射线衍射(XRD)、扫描电镜(SEM)和能谱分析(EDS)等方法对产物进行了表征,并对产物的发光性能进行研究。结果表明:掺杂三价稀土离子Eu3+,La3+,Ce3+没有改变MZn PO4(M=Li,Na,K)的晶体结构和颗粒形貌;在紫外光(260 nm)激发下,Eu3+掺杂的MZn PO4:Eu3+(M=Li,Na,K)改变了MZn PO4(M=Li,Na,K)原有的发光波长,发射橙红色光,主峰位于595 nm附近,为Eu3+的5D0→7F1跃迁发射;La3+,Ce3+掺杂的MZn PO4:RE(M=Li,Na,K,RE=La3+,Ce3+)则发射蓝色光,最高峰对应波长为400~500 nm,没有改变MZn PO4(M=Li,Na,K)的发光波长,但提高了强度,La3+掺杂的强度大于Ce3+掺杂;除了基质本身对发光的贡献外,Ce3+有很弱的5d1→4f1的跃迁发射,而非荧光稀土离子La3+作为添加剂可提高基质材料的荧光性能。Abstract: Samples of MZnPO4 : RE ( M = Li,Na,K; RE = Eu3 + ,La3 + ,Ce3 + ) were synthesized by high temperature solid-state reaction, and characterized by X-ray diffraction ( XRD) ,scanning electron microscope ( SEM) and energy dispersed spectrometer ( EDS) . The luminescent properties were investigated using luminescence spectra. The results showed that the crystal structure and particle morphology of MZnPO4 ( M = Li,Na,K) did not change after being doped with Eu3 + ,La3 + ,Ce3 + . However,under the ultraviolet ( 260 μm) radiation,Eu3 + doped MZnPO4 : Eu3 + ( M = Li,Na,K) changed the luminescence wavelength of MZnPO4 ( M = Li, Na,K) ,which emitted orange-red light showing a dominant peak at 595 nm,which was the 5D0→7F1 transition of Eu3 + . La3 + ,Ce3 + doped MZnPO4 : RE ( M = Li,Na,K,RE = La3 + ,Ce3 + ) emitted blue light showing a dominant peak at 400 ~ 500 nm without changing the luminescence wavelength of MZnPO4 ( M = Li,Na,K) ,but the luminescence intensity was improved. In addition to the contribution of the matrix material to this emission spectrum,the non-fluorescence rare earth ions La3 + as additives could improve the fluorescent properties of the substrate material,which was greatly enhanced compared with that of the weaker 5d1→4f1 transition of Ce3 + .
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/17516
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