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Title: 活性超细含钾磷酸锌的制备及其活化机理的研究
Other Titles: Synthesis of Superfine Activated Potassium Zinc Phosphate and It's Activation Mechanism
Authors: 广西民族大学化学与生态工程学院 南宁530006
广西民族大学化学与生态工程学院 南宁530006
Keywords: 活性磷酸锌
Issue Date: 2006-12-01
Publisher: 涂料工业
Citation: 涂料工业,2006,(12):11-13
Abstract: 合成了一种含磷酸锌钾和四水磷酸锌的新型活性超细磷酸锌颜料。用XRD、FT-IR和纳米激光粒度仪对其进行表征,测定了溶解度、电导率、pH缓冲区间,从理论上探讨了该颜料的活化机理。实验结果表明:与普通正磷酸锌相比,随着局部pH环境的变化,活性含钾磷酸锌能离解出较多的Zn2+和PO43-离子,改善了正磷酸锌的溶解性、水解性和pH缓冲区间,从而提高抑制阴极剥离反应的能力。 A new anticorrosive pigment based on potassium zinc phosphate and zinc phosphate tetrahydrate was synthesized and characterized by XRD, FT - IR and laser nano - granulometer. Solubility, conductivity arid pH buffer behavior were detected to study the activation mechanism of the pigment theoretically. The results show that the potassium zinc phosphate can efficiently enhance the inhibition properties of cathodic delamination because of the improvements of the solubility, hydration and the anion reaction pH buffer. Comparing with commercial zinc phosphate, it can release more Zn^2+ or PO4^3- ions when the local pH condition changes.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/17676
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