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Title: 机械力化学湿法一步制备表面修饰磷酸锌微粉
Other Titles: One - step preparation of micro - sized modified zinc phosphate by wet- process mechanicochemical method
Authors: 广西民族学院化学与生态工程学院,广西南宁530006
Keywords: 机械力化学
Issue Date: 2006-06-10
Publisher: 无机盐工业
Citation: 无机盐工业,2006,(06):24-26
Abstract: 以氧化锌和磷酸为原料,以硅烷偶联剂为改性剂,采用机械力化学湿法制备微细磷酸锌并进行表面改性。用XRD、润湿角、活化指数、沉降时间等手段对产物进行表征,用FT-IR对改性粉末的结构进行分析,初步探讨了偶联剂与磷酸锌的作用机理。结果表明:产物为二水和四水磷酸锌混合物;在红外区域2 800~3 000 cm-1和1 400 cm-1有偶联剂的特征吸收峰,说明偶联剂与磷酸锌之间发生了化学反应;当硅烷偶联剂添加质量分数由0增加到2%,改性产品的活化指数由0增加到98.71%,对水的润湿角由0°增加到93.21°,沉降时间由0.5 h增加到176 h,在涂料中的分散性和贮存稳定性得到改进。 Taking zinc oxide and phosphoric acid as raw materials and silane coupling agent as modified agent,the micro - size zinc phosphate is prepared by wet - process mechanicochemical method and its modification is carried out. The product obtained is characterized by means of XRD, wetting angle, activated index and settlement time etc.. The structure of modified powder is analyzed by FT - IR and the function mechanism between coupling agent and zinc phosphate is investigated preliminary. The results show that the product is a mixture of zinc phosphate dihydrate and tetrabydrate. The absorb peak( at 2 800 ~ 3 000 cm^-1 and 1 400 cm^-1 )reveals that the chemical reaction between coupling agent and zinc phosphate is taken place. When the amount of silane coupling agent is 2% (mass), the activated index of modified product, wetting angle to water and settling time are 98.7% ,0 ~ 93.21° and O. 5 h to 176 h respectively. Its dispersibility and stability in coating can he improved.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/17678
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