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Title: 三聚磷酸二氢铝Ⅰ型二水物一步合成法及热分解动力学
Other Titles: One-step synthesis and thermal decomposition kinetic of aluminum dihydrogen tripolyphosphate dehydrate Ⅰ
Authors: 广西民族学院化学与生态工程学院,广西南宁530006
Keywords: 三聚磷酸二氢铝Ⅰ型二水物
Issue Date: 2007-01-30
Publisher: 化学工程
Citation: 化学工程,2007,(01):32-36
Abstract: 研究三聚磷酸二氢铝Ⅰ型二水物的微波合成工艺及其热分解动力学。以氢氧化铝和磷酸为原料,用XRD、Ram an、SEM等手段对产物进行表征,运用TG-DTG技术、4种积分法和3种微分法、选用43种机理方程研究产物的热分解动力学模型。结果表明:在微波750 W、15 m in下一步合成的化合物是A lH2P3O10.2H2O(I),该化合物在393—533 K区间脱去2分子结晶水,属于二维扩散控制,活化能E为61.375 kJ/mol,指前因子A为1.78×107s-1;在703—843 K区间脱去1分子结构水,属于成核生长控制,活化能198.890 kJ/mol,指前因子A为2.458 5×1013s-1。 To study the synthesis method of microwave irradiation and decomposition kinetic for aluminum dihydrogen tripolyphosphate Ⅰ , the title compound was prepared by using aluminum hydroxide and phosphoric acid as regents, and was characterized by XRD, Raman, SEM. TG-DTG technique, four kinds of integral and three differential coefficient methods, as well as 43 mechanism equations were used to study its decomposition kinetic models. The results show that the product obtained by one-step reaction under microwave radiation 15 min and power 750 W is AlH2P3O10·2H2O(Ⅰ), there are two dehydration stages between 300 K and 950 K during the thermal decomposition of the title compounds. The dehydrate reaction between 393 K and 533 K is controlled by two-dimensional diffusion with an activated energy of 61. 375 kJ/mol, a pre-exponential factor of 1 78 × 10^7 s^-1; the dehydrate process between 703 K and 843 K is controlled by nucleating and growing with an activated energy of 198.89 kJ/mol, a pre-exponential factor of 2.458 5 × 10^13 s^-1.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/17683
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