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Title: 大学生个人特征与企业社会责任态度关系研究
Other Titles: On the Relationship between College Students’ Personal Characteristics and Their Attitude to Enterprise’ s Social Responsibility
Authors: 广西民族大学管理学院
Keywords: 大学生
Issue Date: 2014-10-20
Publisher: 钦州学院学报
Citation: 钦州学院学报,2014,29(10):43-49
Abstract: 构建理论模型,运用MANOVA与ANOVA分析方法对民族地区大学生个人特征因素对其企业社会责任态度的影响进行实证研究发现,不同性别、专业、年级大学生对企业社会责任态度具有显著差异,而民族文化、家庭背景、个人宗教信仰因素的影响则并不显著。据此,在大学生企业社会责任教育建设中,应加强政府引导与社会支持;制定针对性的大学生企业社会责任培养机制;激发大学生自觉性,提高其社会责任意识。This paper makes empirical research on the relationship between college students ’ personal characteristics and en-terprise’ s social responsibility attitude by constructing the theoretical model and using the MANOVA and the ANOVA analysis method, and concludes that different gender , grade and profession of college students have significant influences on enterprise ’s social responsibility attitude, while the impact of ethnic culture, family background, personal religion don’t.Therefore, in the construction of enterprise ’ s social responsibility education for college students , the government should strengthen guidance and social support , develop social responsibility training mechanism and arouse students ’ consciousness and sense of social responsi-bility.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/20516
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