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Title: 基于知识整合的高校图书馆馆员知识服务能力提升研究
Other Titles: Study on Knowledge Integration-based Enhancement of University Librarian's Knowledge Service Ability
Authors: 广西民族大学管理学院
Keywords: 高校图书馆员
Issue Date: 2015-04-15
Publisher: 情报探索
Citation: 情报探索,2015(04):97-100
Abstract: 针对当前知识管理背景,以高校图书馆馆员知识服务为研究主题,指出知识整合有利于高校图书馆馆员知识服务能力的提升;分析知识整合能力构成要素;以知识整合能力要素为切入点,以知识共享为中介变量,以知识服务效果为结果变量,构建高校图书馆馆员知识服务能力模型;提出高校图书馆馆员应采取的3种知识整合模式。 In view of knowledge management, the paper takes university librarian knowledge service as research topic, points out that knowledge integration is conducive to enhance university librarian's knowledge service ability. It analyzes the inscapes of knowledge integration ability, builds university librarian's knowledge service ability model with knowledge integration elements as breakthrough point, knowledge sharing as intervening variable, knowledge service effect as outcome variable, and puts forward 3 knowledge integration models for university librarian.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/20531
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