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Title: 新型城镇化进程中大学生返乡创业问题研究——基于服务型政府的视角
Other Titles: The returning barriers and the path to entrepreneurship of the rural college students in the Ethnic minority areas——Based on the perspective of service-oriented government
Authors: 广西民族大学管理学院
Keywords: 新型城镇化
Issue Date: 2016-08-05
Publisher: 中国名城
Citation: 中国名城,2016(08):47-52
Abstract: 推动农村城镇化建设对我国实现全面小康建设的进程具有重要战略意义,而大力倡导创业是提升城镇化的一个可行手段。尤其是在整体就业难的背景下,引导农村大学生返乡创业,不仅有利于缓解农村大学生的就业压力,也是实现农村"智力回流"与"智力循环"从而推动农村城镇化的有效途径。目前农村大学生返乡创业在个人创业素质、政策扶持、创业环境等方面存在着诸多问题和挑战,阻碍了农村大学生返乡创业的脚步。文章基于服务型政府的视角,就如何破解这一障碍进行了研究,提出宣传系列化,完善高校返乡创业教育引导机制、建立农村大学生创业扶持政策、加大农村基础建设投入力度,优化农村创业环境等三方面入手,促进农村大学生返乡创业。Promoting the construction of rural urbanization of our country to realize the comprehensive well-off construction process has important strategic significance, and vigorously promoting entrepreneurship is a viable means of urbanization.Especially in the background of overall employment difficultly, guiding the rural college students returning home business, not only can reduce the pressure on college students' employment, and realize the "intelligence reflux" and "intelligence cycle" ,but also the effective ways to promote rural urbanization. There are many problems and challenges in the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship policy support and entrepreneurial environment for the current reval college students returning home for business, which hindered the pace of rural college students returning home for business, based on the perspective of service-oriented government ,The article study on how to crack this barrier, and put forward three ~tspects of promoting seriation, perfect entrepreneurship education and guiding mechanism for rural college students returning home for business in colleges and universities, and establish the rural college students entrepreneurship support policy, increasing investment m rural infrastructure commaction, optimize the environment of the rural entrepreneurship and so on, to promote rural college students returning home business.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/20549
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