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Title: 广西边境地区经济开放开发与城镇化互动探析
Other Titles: The Interaction of Economic Development and Opening and Urbanization in the Border Areas of Guangxi
Authors: 广西民族大学商学院
Keywords: 边境地区
Issue Date: 2015-07-15
Publisher: 广西民族大学学报(哲学社会科学版)
Citation: 广西民族大学学报(哲学社会科学版),2015,37(04):126-131
Abstract: 由于边境的屏蔽效应、边缘效应及区域发展战略的忽视,使边境地区社会经济发展水平严重滞后于全国其他地区,经济开放度低,经济发展缓慢,城镇化率、新型工业化、信息化、农业现代化水平明显低于全国平均水平,一些地区甚至尚未脱贫。在丝绸之路和21世纪海上丝绸之路国家战略实施的过程中,要提升边境地区互联互通的区位优势,应以边境地区新型城镇化为载体和龙头,形成与边境地区开放开发良好的互动关系。Due to the shielding effect and edge effect of border areas, as well as the neglect of regional development strategy, the border areas of Guan- gxi, compared with other parts of China, suffers a seriously backwardness in e- conomic development with a lower level of economic openness and a slower speed of economic development. The level of urbanization, new industrialization, infor- matization and agricultural modernization in the border areas also obviously lags behind the average level in China. Some border areas are still stuck in poverty. In the implementing process of national stragies of Silk Road and 21st Century Mar- itime Silk Road, a new type of urbanization in border areas should act as the car- rier and take the leading position to promote the regional advantage of intercon- nection and intercommunication and to establish a favorable interactive and open relationship in the border areas.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/20970
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