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Title: 广西边境地区城镇化发展路径探析
Other Titles: On the Development Paths of Urbanization of Guangxi Border Areas
Authors: 广西民族大学商学院
Keywords: 边境地区
Issue Date: 2015-06-15
Publisher: 广西财经学院学报
Citation: 广西财经学院学报,2015,28(03):41-46
Abstract: 边境地区的城镇化在中国城市化研究中容易被忽略,而其对繁荣边境地区经济、促进民族团结、维护边境稳定具有战略意义。通过"城市首位律"理论研究发现,广西城镇体系中城市规模结构还不够合理,广西首位城市特征不明显,大城市辐射力度不足,边境城镇化进程相对缓慢,总体处于城镇化的中期。探寻适合广西边境地区城镇化的发展路径,是广西城镇化健康发展的关键节点。借助边境城镇化"点—轴"发展模式,立足固疆富边,完善基础设施、优化边境地区政策,实施"就地城镇化"。Urbanization of border areas,a problem which can be easily overlooked in China's urbanization research,actually is of strategic significance in booming the local economy,strengthening unity of ethnic groups and maintaining stability of border areas. According to the law of the primate city,the study finds that there exist in the urban system of Guangxi problems like unreasonable city size and strncture,incon- spicuous primate city features,inadequate radiation intensity,relative Guangxi. Generally speaking ,the system is still in the middle phase ly slow urbanization of border areas of of urbanization. It is crucial to find out development paths appropriate for the urbanization of Guangxi border areas. With the help of the "point to axis" development pattern,the economic development should be based on stability and prosperity in border areas,improvement of infrastructure,favorable policies for border areas and implementation of the "In-situ Urbanization".
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/20975
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