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Title: “一带一路”战略下广西新型城镇化影响因素研究
Other Titles: nfluencing Factors of New-type Strategy of "One Urbanization in Guangxi under the Belt and One Road"
Authors: 广西民族大学商学院
Keywords: “一带一路”
Issue Date: 2017-04-20
Publisher: 广西财经学院学报
Citation: 广西财经学院学报,2017,30(02):56-65
Abstract: 采用空间自相关检验以及时间固定效应模型对"一带一路"战略下广西新型城镇化影响因素进行了实证研究。结果表明:广西地级市城镇化水平高值与低值相邻,呈"负空间自相关",经济发展、产业结构非农化、环境宜居以及农业现代化对新型城镇化具有显著的促进作用,但现阶段的对外贸易、城乡收入差距、社会保障水平、基础设施与新型城镇化呈负向关系。广西及地方各市要充分利用"一带一路"和新型城镇化战略契机,制定新型城镇化发展战略,避免各市间的恶性竞争,要加强经济建设,积极推动二三产业发展;同时,应积极提高对外开放程度、健全社会保障、完善城镇基础设施、缩小城乡收入差距,以促进新农村发展,推动新农村就地新型城镇化。 An empirical study on the influencing factors of new-type urbanization in Guangxi under the strategy of "One Belt and One Road" was carried out by adopting spatial auto-correlation test and the model of time fixed effect. The results indicate that the high value and low value of urbanization levels in prefecture-level cities in Guangxi is contiguous,presenting a "negative spatial auto-correlation". Economic development,non-agricuhuralization of industrial structure,livable environment and agricultural modernization play a prominent role in promoting new-type urbanization. But there is a negative relationship between cur- rent new-type urbanization and foreign trade,urban-rural income gap,social security level as well as infras- tructure construction. Therefore,prefecture-level cities in Guangxi should fully seize the opportunities of "One Belt and One Road" and new-type urbanization strategy,formulate new-type urbanization development strate- gy and avoid cutthroat competition among cities. Moreover,those cities should enhance economic construction, actively boost the development of second and third industries. Meanwhile,the opening degree should be deepened,social security should be completed,urban infrastructure should be perfected and urban-rural income gap should be narrowed,so as to promote new rural development and facilitate new villages to locally upgrade to new towns.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/21029
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