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Title: 我国综合档案事业发展水平及其趋势的定量评价研究
Other Titles: The Research on Quantitative Evaluation of the Development Level and Trend of Comprehensive Archival Undertaking in China
Authors: 广西民族大学管理学院
Keywords: 综合档案事业
Issue Date: 2018-07-15
Publisher: 档案与建设
Citation: 档案与建设,2018(07):8-12
Abstract: 论文应用熵权法和AR(1)模型分析了我国1991-2015年的综合档案事业发展水平及其演化趋势。结果发现:档案资源建设水平、档案开放利用水平和组织建设水平发展的步调不尽相同并表现出明显的阶段性特征;国家综合档案事业发展水平总体上呈稳步上升势态,但阶段性发展特征同样明显;国家综合档案事业发展水平滞后于同期经济发展水平;综合档案事业发展水平的绝对发展速度受制于上年度的绝对发展速度。The Entropy weight method and AR(1) model are used to study the development level and evolution trend of the comprehensive archival undertaking in China in 1991-2015 years.The results show: The pace of the construction of archival resources, the level of opening and utilization of archives and the level of organizational construction are not the same, and show obvious characteristics of stages; the overall development of the national comprehensive archives career has shown a steady upward trend, but the characteristics of the phased development are also obvious; the development level of the national comprehensive archives is lagging behind the level of economic development at the same time; the absolute speed of development of the comprehensive archival undertaking is subject to the absolute speed of development in the previous year.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/21373
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