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Title: 个体的历史承诺与民族文化根性的新展现——张泽忠小说集《蜂巢界》的民族性叙事策略论
Other Titles: The Historical Promise of Individuals and the New Appearance of National Cultural Roots
Authors: 广西民族大学文学院
Keywords: 张泽忠
Issue Date: 2018-02-15
Publisher: 广西科技师范学院学报
Citation: 广西科技师范学院学报,2018,33(01):20-24
Abstract: 张泽忠的小说集《蜂巢界》,有意淡化故事发生的当下时间,而将它们置于一种相对模糊的历史记忆之中,以建造出侗民族具有历史纵深的可叙述空间,并以此来寻绎与彰显侗民族族性形成的历史、逻辑文化原则。这种小说叙事的策略,既是张泽忠作为个体对本民族历史的庄严承诺,又是作家在接续历史中对民族未来乃至整个民族-国家未来的拟构的过程之中,对单一民族的历史形成境遇的轨迹的思考。这种以坚毅的民族灵魂、丰富的民族特色的叙写,树立并强调出多元文化时代的历史过程与主体性,来抗衡资本逻辑的全球化与后现代消解地方文化与民族叙事的狂欢化趋向,具有很好的作用。Zhang Zezhong’s collection of novels The Nest Community, seeks to dilute the present time of the story and place them in a relatively vague historical memory to create a narrative space with a historical depth and to discover and highlight the formation of the ethnic nationality of history, logic and cultural principles. This strategy of narrative narration is not only the solemn promise of Zhang Ze⁃ zhong as an individual to the history of the nation, but also the historical formation of the history of the single nation in the process of suc⁃ ceeding in the historical construction of the future of the nation and the nation as a whole trajectory thinking. This perseverance of the na⁃ tional soul, rich national characteristics of the narrative, to establish and emphasize the historical process and the subjectivity of the multi⁃ cultural era, to counter the globalization of capital logic and post-modern digestion of local culture and national narrative Carnival, has a good effect.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/21385
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