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Title: 经济发展、人口文化素质和城镇化发展对我国公共图书馆发展影响的实证研究
Other Titles: An Empirical Research on the Impact of Economic Development, Population Cultural Quality of Population and Urbanization on Public Library Development in China
Authors: 广西民族大学图书馆
Keywords: 公共图书馆事业发展
Issue Date: 2017-12-30
Publisher: 图书馆理论与实践
Citation: 图书馆理论与实践,2017(12):72-77
Abstract: 基于1990-2014年的统计数据,本文首先应用熵权法确定了16项衡量公共图书馆发展指标的权重,然后计算出公共图书馆各年度的综合发展指数,最后,通过建立计量经济模型分析了经济发展、人口文化素质和城镇化发展对公共图书馆发展的影响。结果发现:(1)人口文化素质和城镇化发展均显著地推动着我国公共图书馆的发展,且人口文化素质对公共图书馆发展的推动作用远大于城镇化发展的推动作用;(2)经济发展对公共图书馆发展的显著推动作用没有得到样本数据的支持,说明我国公共图书馆事业发展的过程中存在着比较严重的经济发展失灵问题。This article first determines the weights of 16 measures of public library development index with entropy method and then calculates the annual index of comprehensive development of the public library. Finally, it analyzes the impact of economic development, population cultural quality and the urbanization development of the public library through the establishment of econometric model. The results show that both population cultural quality and urbanization are significantly promoting public library development with the motivating force of the former stronger than the latter. The significant role of economic development on public libraries development has not been supported by the sample data, which shows that there is a serious economic development failure in the process of the public libraries development in China.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/21626
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