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Title: 桃李不言有新篇--评“中国青铜器论著索引”
Authors: 广西民族大学管理学院
Keywords: 分类主题目录
Issue Date: 2017-01-15
Publisher: 河北科技图苑
Citation: 河北科技图苑,2017,30(01):94-96
Abstract: 王晓丽研究馆员与杨远新先生主编的《中国青铜器论著索引》已于2015年年底出版。这是一部采用十进制体系的中国青铜器主题文献的检索工具和学术创制,对青铜器考古实践乃至图书馆学、情报学都具有一定的贡献与开创性意义。该书评在介绍该索引基本情况和总结其成书优缺点的基础上,从十进分类体系和主题聚类两个角度分析了此书的编制理论与方法,最后则进一步挖掘出成书背景与师友关系等方面的内容。 “Chinese bronze works index”which was chief-edited by Madam Wang Xiaoli (research librarian) and Mr.Yang Yuanxin was published in late 2015.This is one Chinese bronze subject documents retrieval tools and academic creation which makes use of decimal system, it has a certain contribution and pioneering significance in the bronze archaeological practice, and even library and information science.Based on the introduction of the index and summaries of its advantages and disadvantages, this review analyses the compilation theories and methods of the book from the following two perspectives:the decimal classification system and the subject of clustering.Finally the review digs out the background of the book, also the relationships between teachers and students, etc.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/29240
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