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Title: Research on Virtual Network Mapping Algorithm with Path Splitting Based on Sort Preprocessing
Authors: School of Information Science and Engineering, Guangxi University for Nationalities, Nanning, China
Chengdu Institute of Computer Application, Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Chengdu, China
Guangxi Key Laboratory of Hybrid Computation and IC Design Analysis, Nanning, China
Yong Huang
Jinzhao Wu
Keywords: Virtual network
Mapping algorithm
Path splitting
Sort preprocessing
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Journal of Computers
Citation: Journal of Computers, 2013, Vol.8 (9), pp.2413-2420
Abstract: Based on the previous research, a virtual network mapping algorithm with repeatable embedding over substrate nodes is summarized, in which, the virtual nodes in the same virtual network may be assigned to the same substrate node so that some virtual links don’t need to be mapped to reduce the substrate link costs and improve the mapping effectively. Additionally, in the link mapping process, path splitting is introduced to make best use of some low bandwidth to make more virtual networks mapped, which is similar to the multi-commodity flow problem. Meanwhile, we classify the virtual network requests before mapping, map the virtual networks without link splitting request firstly and assign those with it secondly. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm and the improved scheme perform better in mapping percentage, acceptance percentage and revenue.
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/4704
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