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Title: 足球运动员耐力训练探索
Other Titles: A Research on Stamina Training of Footballers
Authors: 广西民族学院体育系
Keywords: 足球
Issue Date: 1999-06-30
Publisher: 体育科技
Citation: 体育科技,1999,02:22-25
Abstract: 随着足球运动的发展,全攻全守型打法已逐渐占了上风,并为世界各队所采用。耐力是全攻全守总体打法的重要保障,日益受到各队的重视。分析足球运动的特点、供能方式及耐力训练原则,得出结论:提高足球运动的耐力,应以有氧耐力训练为主,无氧耐力训练为辅。With the development of football techniques , the all -out attack and edfence has got the upper hand in many matches and been adopted by most of the football teams in the world .With this method , the playes' s stamina in very imporaant and people have paid more and more attention to is .After we andlyse the footballers' stamina training , characterstics and way of energy supply ,we can draw a conclusion :In order to increase the footballers' stamina ,we should ttress ont the oxygenic stamina training while carrying out oxygenless stamina training .
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/6675
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