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Title: 优秀武术运动员指定动作训练损伤的调查分析
Other Titles: An Investigative Analysis of Injury of the Excellent Wushu Athletes During Designated Performance
Authors: 广西民族学院体育系!南宁530006
Keywords: 武术运动员
Issue Date: 1999-12-30
Publisher: 体育科技
Citation: 体育科技,1999,Z1:42-44
Abstract: 采取填表和座谈两种方式对武术专业53 名优秀运动员指定动作训练损伤及其它损伤进行了调查,结果表明,武术运动员损伤以膝、踝关节、胫骨膜、腰肌、小腿肌内为主;动作难度大,身体素质要求高是指定性动作损伤的主要原因;落地支撑腿的膝、踝关节损伤、胫骨膜炎症等疲劳性疾病,与指定动作练习有关,局部负重过大、过度疲劳、身体素质不够等,是构成指定动作训练损伤的主要因素。By way of filling forms and talks 53 excellent athletes in Wushu major were investigated in 1996 for training inuruy and other injury during designated performance . The result s showed that injury of the wushu athletes are mainly in knee , ankle tibia membrane , lumbar muscles , leg muscles .The main causes for training injuries during requi red performances include :great diff iculty in act ion high requirement of the bodies , Injuries of the knee and ankle joint s when falling to the ground , exhausted diseases such as inflammation of the tibia membrane , etc all related to the over -weight on part of the body when practising required performance , over -exhaustion less -development in body .All these constitute the main factors for training injuries during required performances .
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/6676
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