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Title: 论如何加强足球运动员的战术意识
Other Titles: How to Reinforce the Tactical Sense Upon the Footballers
Authors: 广西民族学院体育系!南宁530006
Keywords: 足球运动员
Issue Date: 2000-09-30
Publisher: 体育科技
Citation: 体育科技,2000,03:31-33
Abstract: 随着足球运动的迅猛发展 ,比赛对运动员的技术、战术、身体素质和心理等方面的要求越来越高 ,能否正确运用战术将会影响比赛的胜负 ,而战术意识和战术行动是战术的两个方面 ,战术运动是战术意识的直接结果。研究表明 ,运动队整体战术意识水平的高低反映出该队运动水平的高低 ,运动员战术意识水平的高低也反映出运动员运动技术水平的高低。因此 ,加强运动员的战术意识培养是当前提高我国足球运动水平的主要途径。With the rapid development of football , the requirements in a match for the footballers' technique , tactics , body quality and psychology are increasing .Whether the tactics is correctly appllied or not w ill decide the outcome of a match .There are two aspects of tactics i .e .tactical sense and tactical operation , among which tactical operation is the direct result of tactical sense .The research explores that the overall level of tactical sense in a team will embody its sporting level and also the sportsmen' s sporting technical level.Therefore , the training of tactical sense for the footballers is the key way to increase our football level at present .
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/6678
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