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Title: 职业足球比赛发展特征的历史审视
Other Titles: Historical Review on Developing Characteristics of Professional Football Matches
Authors: 广西民族大学体育与健康科学学院
Keywords: 职业足球比赛
Issue Date: 2008-08-15
Publisher: 沈阳体育学院学报
Citation: 沈阳体育学院学报,2008,04:32-35
Abstract: 主要采用文献资料和访谈调查等方法从宏观层面和历史发展的角度对职业足球比赛发展特征进行研究。认为职业足球比赛是由职业球员代表其所属职业足球俱乐部参加的以争取比赛优胜为主要目的的正式商业性比赛。职业足球比赛经历了国内和国际两个发展阶段,形成国内、洲际和世界比赛三个层次。职业足球比赛发展特征主要体现在:形成了以各国联赛为核心和基础的全球化职业足球竞赛体系;主客场赛制凸显主场优势和客场劣势效应;外籍教练员和球员广泛参与并发挥关键作用;商业化使职业足球比赛繁荣的同时也使其面临着危机。Abstract:In terms of the macroscopic aspect and the historical viewpoint, the authors adopted documentatio n and expert interview s mainly to research the characteristics of professional football matches during developing process .The conclusions are as follows:The professional football matches are formal commercial matches in which pro fessional football play ers are on behalf of professional foo tball club they belong to participate for winning ;The professional foo tball matches development went through domestic and oversea matches stag es and formed three levels including domestic , internatio nal and intercontinental; The main dev elo pment characteristics of professional foo tball matches are:co ntest system of the professional football g lobalization, which takes various countries' pro fessional league as core and foundation ;the home and aw ay contest system , w hich show s home advantage and away disadv antage effect ;fo reign coaches and players par ticipate ex tensively and play a key role in various countries' professional league ;commercialization makes the professio nal foo tball matches prosperous, meanwhile it faces some crises .
URI: http://ir.calis.edu.cn/hdl/530500/6790
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